What is InstaJet?

InstaJet is an electronic device that will maintain a more stable air fuel ratio throughout the operating range of the engine that uses mechanical fuel injection. It does this by constantly monitoring air fuel ratio through the use of a wide band O2 sensor.  It uses the output information to automatically and constantly trim the amount of fuel being returned to the fuel tank in conjunction with the main jet.  This process will automatically vary the fuel pressure that reaches the ingine and in turn will maintain air ruel ratios at more precise levels.


Instajet was developed on a gasoline burning Crower stack injected super pro dragster.  It worked as a lean out when the car was on the two-step and instantly corrected when teh Trans brake released.  It corrected through the run keeping a constant air fuel ratio of 12.9 to 13.1.  The performance,economy, consistency, and drivability of the car significantly  improved. This product is easy to tune and install.


You can view Instajet in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHlVO35R1gs

1963 Ford Fairlaine

302 4 Speed Enderle stacks



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